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Yelp injury lawyer John Neustadt Agoura Hills

*****  from Shawna S in Thousand Oaks, CA

Where to begin? I wish I could give six stars!

Back in January 2014, my car was totaled by a drunk driver and I suffered a herniated disk in my lower back because of it.  I didn't have health insurance at the time, so no doctor would help me. I was suffering and in terrible pain for weeks until I finally contacted John Neustadt (he was recommended by the chiropractor who diagnosed me) and he immediately got me into an excellent pain management center, who did wonders for my pain. That was his first priority, to get me as recovered and pain free as possible. I was so grateful. Before John, I was left to suffer as if NOTHING could be done for me. Once John took my case, I was immediately seen by doctors, and given what I needed. That was the biggest relief!  It took some time for me to make a good recovery, but I appreciated that there was no rushing with it, at all. He wanted everything done right, first and foremost.

It took me about a year to get back to how I was before the accident, but I can't imagine where I would be now if I hadn't gone to John. I don't even want to imagine. On top of getting me the treatment I needed, he also managed to get me WAY more money in my settlement than I had ever anticipated. Which means I now have the money to continue to care for my back properly, repay all the debt I accrued over that recovery time, take a really nice vacation this summer, and have a savings account that will keep my worries at bay for a long time.

I highly recommend John Neustadt, if you are looking for a lawyer who truly cares about the work he is doing for his clients. You will not be disappointed! But, you will be pleasantly surprised, and extremely happy with your choice.

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***** from Tiff Y.

My dad recommended John to me(he has been going to him all his life).
He told me John knows how to take care of his clients very well, and he does it with a great deal of passion.

Thanks dad, best you've ever shared with me!

John is definitely everything my dad said and more. This is the guy you want on your team, because all he does is win win win.
I've recommended him to 4 other people and now they carry his business card on them like it's their last name.

Don't waste your time with sketchy attorneys you find in the penny saver. John is the absolute real deal.

We also can't forget Georgia!(the beautiful young lady in the front of his office) She's is the sweetest and most charming woman I've ever met, I dare you not to fall in love with her.

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***** from Randi S.

John R. Neustadt Esq. is the hardest working and caring lawyer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I was not just an account but I was treated like a real person. Communication is the key to any involvment in anything that comes our way and Mr. Neustadt went far and beyond what was expected. All my phone calls were returned promptly by either his staff or himself. All my concerns were answered so that I could understand, and a lot of my anxiety was reduced due to the professionalism and care that Mr. Neustadt and staff provided. I highly recommend his services if a lawyer is what you are seeking. Mr. Neustadt leads by example not by hype or unfilled promises.

***** from Kerry G.

From soup to nuts, John and his team are the best as far as I'm concerned.  I am a legal professional myself but am not knowledgeable about this area.  I was rear ended by someone who was texting and it completely turned my life upside down.  John and Georgia took care of everything.  Got me the best follow up care, took time to meet with me on several occasions and, most importantly, really jumped to the front when the other side was negligent in responding.  I am pleased as could be with the outcome.  Efficient, kind, smart and tenacious.  You will not go wrong with this team of honest folks!  Couldn't give a higher recommendation if you paid me!  Simply the best!

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